Imagine a future where the performing arts no longer take place in public venues, but in the comfort of your own home.Home Box Theatreis a visionary concept for the future of performing arts, combining community with a unique theatre experience using an everyday object.

When theatres were closed during the pandemic, theatre attendance in Denmark fell by 54% and concert attendance by 70%. Performing arts entered the private sphere. There was a creative surge in new theatre formats using XR technologies. These hybrid formats challenged key concepts in the theatre experience such as liveliness and community. However, despite the advances, technology can still interfere and create a separation between the experience and the imagination.

Home Box Theatreis a vision.

By simply opening a drawer, you can immerse yourself in the universe of six Shakespeare plays. You choose the order and pace. You are at the centre of the experience.

Is this how the performing arts of the future: In the corners of your everyday life, far from a stage, with you at the centre?

Danske Scenografer has chosen a contribution that shows a new way of storytelling, emphasising light, sound and video as essential elements in creating a theatrical space.

Jeppe Lawaetz is a video and lighting designer who, since 2019, has been conducting a series of XR research projects at the Danish National School of Performing Arts, together with dramaturge Anna Lawaetz PhD. Anna is the founder and former artistic director of the performance group Sisters Hope. Sound designer Magnus Hansen specialises in immersive sound in various art forms, from music to theatre. He has contributed to the development of a total theatre experience where the audience is guided by instructions via headphones.


Julie Forchhammer and Mette Lindberg


Video and Light Designer: Jeppe Lawaetz, Lawaetz Aesthetics
Sound Designer: Magnus Hansen
Dramaturge: Anna Lawaetz, Lawaetz Aesthetics


Danske Scenografer

Denmark Sea ver1
Denmark Forest
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